Services of the Aérogrange

We put several services at your disposal so that you spend the most pleasant stay possible
Sauna de l'Aérogrange - Location atypique en lotissement aéronautique à Biscarrosse - Les Landes

The sauna

Next to the poullailer, we have a 4-seater sauna.

A chicken coop

A henhouse for the pleasure of the young and old. You have to feed the chickens and collect the eggs. You can give them the leftovers of your cooked meals!

a trampoline

A trampoline and a swing with a slide are available.

Outdoor games

Many outdoor games and accessories are available... Petanque, Molkki, balls, badminton, draisienne, rocking horse, high chair, cot..

nature and respect for the environment

Atypical place

Original aspect of the building and its decoration very warm and friendly

the observatory

2-star furnished tourist accommodation

The cottage and the house

3-star furnished tourist accommodation

home insulation

In duck feathers


For organic waste and dry toilets


Sanitation by plants

chicken coop

For children and adults


3 bicycles at your disposal

Dry toilets

Or litter toilet

Sorting containers

Recycling containers are available at the end of the development.